I Thought You Left

You spent the night and replaced my eye-wrenching radio clock
with an analog circle. 
In it I see the roundness of your hazel eyes
much better in the morning. You took the time to clean my windows.
For that my plants stand tall and salute you, and I can finally see the sun
reflect off of the trails we traveled when I look outside.. 
On your way out you tucked the sheets in the bed frame
and tucked me tighter. At least this way I can still feel
something when I toss in my sleep. 

When most people come
All I have to do is wash their dishes down the drain
Or dump their garbage for another man
to pick up on Wednesday
But even after four washes with scent boosters and dryer sheets
I can still smell you on my pillow. 

It's been 3 weeks
Why can't I clean up the mess you've made?