Summer's Mourning

I spent a day in the garden
I spent minutes clicking the shutter
Light years in the sun staring at what it captured

I spent a day in the garden
A moment to share air with the leaves
A second to taste what they taste
To hold the winding stems and wiff
The cool breeze of fresh mint

My mother beckoned me to leave
But I clung to the weeds and thorns
Out of desperation. They were the only plants near. 
Just five more minutes in the garden? 

I spent the last five making wishes with rose pedals
Living dreams in the Lilies
And uprooting memories with the grinning orchids

There will be a time when I'm ready to go
When the daisies start to fall towards the ground because they can't stand the sight of me anymore;
It's not now though
Just 10 more minutes in the garden, mother?