Rendered by the Object (Dec.2014)

She desired to be my muse
And I desired l emulate her—to render her wholly. 
To paint her on the beach
To craft her in my sheets. 
An ephemeral sketch in the bathroom.

She wanted to be the ink in my fountain-pen, inspiring the words that flowed across the fibers of my paper. 
And I wanted to write with her; I wanted to write to her, for her, about her. 
Lines with her lips
Stanzas with her curves. 
Poems with her eyes.

She wished to be the focus of my lens
And I wished to photograph her
To capture her every move, with my memory serving as film. 
Her smile serving as brightness
Shadows cast by her ferocity
Her words as my captions

This was true reciprocity—and exchange and supply of artful demands.

She wanted to leave her imprint on my imaginative conscious, and float off into the clouds thereafter.
And I wanted to let her.