Urban Wander I

I went looking for you
on the north side, 
walking in and over the sidewalk cracks
we once carved out
with our gummy urethane wheels. 
I remember
I couldn't help but want to capture everything
and soak it all in through my 50mm lense. 
Just when I had
a perfect moment in my frame
with you at its center, you beckoned me

Be careful. You don't want to get hurt
Minutes later I passed through our aviary. 
I remember they way you watched--
with your eyes a-glow and jaw dropped-- 
their iridescent wings flutter above us.
I learned to look up and down
at the same time that day. 
Silly me. I thought I might find you
through a peephole, 
but I was only met with one pair of eyes
and they belonged to a penguin. 

I did however discover a pond outside
With a bridge that took me wandering further
in town. My lovelorn eyes were met
With touchdown celebrations by teens in a park
And the ebullient smile of Whitney Houston
postered in a neighborhood window. 
Even my tongue that itched
for the spicy pinch you left me with
Found something new:
a cavern that served the soft carress
of seared keilbasa and potato pancakes. 

I found stairs that took me so high
I thought I’d kiss the clouds.
They led me to a house
With rooms so small and ceilings so low
they made me feel stronger, 
like I’d overcome something.
As I settled into its coziness I stumbled
Upon a dining table set with cutlery. 
Just when I started to imagine
A meal for two on the table, 
With us at its center
 the voice of a tour guide behind me beckoned
Be careful. You don't want to get hurt