Desperdidas i

As the nose of my plane clears the clouds I find it difficult believe that I was submitting a final on blackboard just 3 days ago. I remember spinning around and round in my room like the turbines that propelled us into the air, trashing old belongings, discovering new ones that have been long lost, stuffing bags to full tear. The only reason I'm even writing this on the plane is because I haven't found a moment to do so beforehand. This is my first exhale in days; it's a yawn that carries with it angst over a torn Achilles and courses yet to be approved. My head is in the clouds but still, my mind is with the turbines.


Espero que tu aire esté tranquilo y tus nubes esté calmado. My estomago gira como las ruedas de este avión, pero porque tú, tengo esperanza.

Desperdidas a los estados.